As a Professional Fitness Trainer for over 10 years, my passion is to teach people how to become fit and healthier. By proper training with functional fitness, mastering form, and building muscle and mind connection. Teaching those to take ownership of their health positively impacts you and those around you. With years of experience and trials of tribulation, I can program a fitness routine for every person. Whether you are coming out from an injury, postnatal care, or a seasoned athlete, I understand how to get you to your best shape!

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As a qualified and accredited trainer since 2010, I’ve been getting the residents of NY/NJ fit, one body at a time either through personal training or group fitness. Coaching athletes, dancers, and people just like you. With over 10 years in the fitness industry, JoJo's unstoppable energy, and client-first teaching style has brought her to coach her clients to train for health and longevity. Looking good is one thing but feeling amazing is the icing on the cake. 


Better yet, JoJo's approach is deeply rooted in science, including her NASM-CPT, Youth Specialist, CrossFit Level One Coach certificate, Core Fusion certificates as well as specialized certifications, Pre- and Post-natal, TRX, SBT-Suspended Body Weight Training, and Kettlebell Concepts. 

Along with training, JoJo is a big advocate on having a healthy Nutritional lifestyle. Having your nutrition on point is the key to all great successes. Jojo is a certified Precision Nutritional Coach.

JoJo is also an Ambassador to Zyia Activewear. Her love for fashion comes through with her trendy activewear. JoJo feels at her best to complete her tough workouts wearing Zyia Activewear but yet famine enough to meet her friends for a casual gathering. Get the latest trends and the best supportive gear at Zyia Activewear. 


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Susan Renee Pulgarin

At first I was skeptical about doing virtual training from home after just having a baby. Joanna assured me I would do great and she’d help modify along the way. Joanna has been nothing short of amazing and really brings me so much strength not only physically but emotionally. Joanna literally has gone out of her way to make sure I understand proper eating to fuel my body for working out, living, being an overly exhausted new mom. Joanna’s passion for training comes completely alive during our hour workouts. They are so carefully planned to maximize every precious minute (while allowing for coffee and water breaks)! I don’t even have tons of equipment but I sweat like I’m in a sauna!!! Joanna has been the light I needed in 2020. 10 out of 10 recommend!!

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