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In 2010, right after having my 3rd child, I was 170 pounds (I’m 5’3). I couldn't lose weight, even after many days of training and completing many half marathons. I was the biggest I had ever been.

I was so frustrated. Why couldn’t I figure this out? What did other people know that I didn’t? Was I just not as disciplined as them? Was I just destined to be overweight? 

No! I just needed to change some things. I learned to listen to what my body needed. 

Everything changed when I:

1. Stopped running so much

2. Started lifting weights

3. Switched to a low carb diet

4. Slept more and 

5. Stayed consistent

The weight finally came off. I saw a huge change in my physique but more of a change in my mindset. It was the beginning of my awakening.

I discovered my own will power and my destiny to teach people what I have learned.

The biggest take from my journey wasn’t the fact that I looked like a completely different person, it was that I FELT like a completely different person. I was stronger, more confident and driven.