Accountability to yourself with JoJo's Nutrition Program

I have created a special platform to help those who need special attention to what Nutrition Program is right for you. You see, it isn't a ONE SIZE FITS ALL program. There is NO MAGIC PILL here. NO SUGAR COATING either. The Program entails A DEEP DIVE on learning what is going on with your body and lifestyle that could effect your nutrition or weight loss journey. Even individuals looking to maximize their own health journey. We will learn together what changes you need to do to gain knowledge and the confidence you need to get your nutrition in control.

In JoJo's Nutrition Coaching, every client is special. With this program:

  • Receive Lifestyle Counseling and advice related to your own specific goals.

  • ALL On Demand Videos for extra training days

  • Customized Training to enhance your Body Composition

  • Custom Macro Ratio and a realistic plan to follow

  • Weekly Check-in's for accountability

  • Learn about hormones and metabolism, along with how they affect your body and results.

  • A FREE APP, where its is a one STOP to track meals, training, body metrics and 1:1 chats with your coach.

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